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Southwest Engineers’ laboratory provides many analytical tests that benefit the various industries we serve. SWE chemists and technical specialists have experience in the field as well as engineering backgrounds to appropriately and accurately analyze your samples.

Our laboratory provides the following services and procedures:

  • Anion Analysis / Colormetric Testing – Our anion analysis tests determine concentrations of many different analytes to very low levels.

  • Corrosion Analysis – Accurate corrosion monitoring is important to provide you with optimal chemical treatment programs.

  • Deposit Analysis – These test results help our clients reduce costs and improve operations. Your representatives use these results to recommend the most effective treatment program as well as to monitor the current program’s effectiveness.

  • Microbiological Analysis – Because microbial growth can cause a variety of problems, these test help fine tune biocide treatment, sludge reduction programs, and more.

  • Metallurgical Failure Analysis – Our scientists and metallurgists study the root causes of specific cases involving corrosion or equipment failure to help prevent such problems in the future.

  • Trace Metal / Cation Analyses – Sophisticated instrumentation provides accurate results for trace metals and cation analyses.

  • Water Analysis / Titrations – These tests provide a variety of results, such as tests for anions, cations, alkalinity, conductivity, total suspended solids, and total dissolved solids.

  • For more information on Southwest Engineers’ Laboratory Services, please contact your service representative or call 800-878-7445 to speak to a laboratory specialist.

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